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Outdoor Barbecue

Enjoy Mac & Blondie's

 Mombo3 sauce.

Family sauces for the people who matter most.



Sweet at first, then tangy – finally finishing with a kick. The essence of Mombo3 is love. Made with only the best ingredients in the old-fashioned, small-batch way.



The Mombo3 Journey

Having a great time with great friends builds great memories – and that’s where our journey begins. The paths of Jim (Coach Mac) and Karen (Blondie) crossed while attending Eastern Washington University where they quickly discovered their shared love of cooking up family recipes – and spoiling their friends and family along the way.

MOMBO3 was born during their first year of marriage while living in Cheney, Washington. A delicious sauce with sweetness in the front, tang in the middle, and a slight kick of heat at the end. Made in the old-fashioned, small-batch way – with love as the key ingredient.


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